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Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to your protection, implored your assistance or sought your intercession was left unaided.

Inspired by this confidence, we fly to thee O Virgin of virgins, my mother, to thee do we come, before thee we stand, sinful and sorrowful. O Mother 0f the Word Incarnate, despise not our petitions, but in thy mercy hear and answer us.











Aggie's Eulogy - given Sunday, September 28th by her nephew - Ricky Tolin


My Aunty Aggie
On behalf of Debbie, Patty, Bobby, Jayne, Ronny, Joanne, Joey, Johnny, their families… and certainly Aggie… we would like to thank all of you, our family and friends, for all of the love and support, you have provided to us throughout this tragic experience.


To my Dear Cousins, I want to thank you for the tremendous privilege to eulogize such a wonderful and selfless person, as “My Aunty Aggie”.


I would like to share a few words and with this I have 3=Three main goals:

1.      1. To not break down

2.      2. Not to repeat the beautiful tribute, examples and words that many have shared over the months on her website – she was so proud of that website.

3.      3. I promised Mary Lynn that we would not need Aunty Helen’s popcorn and an intermission – but I have to be honest – talking for just a few minutes about such a Special and Beloved Person will not be easy – but I will give it a try.


The mystery of death is one of the most haunting experiences for us; it is awesome and difficult to say the least.   At two of the most trying times in my life, Aunty Aggie’s words gave me some peace and perhaps a little perspective to view death in this lifetime a bit differently.


These two events were when Uncle Joe died I was crying and Aunty Aggie hugged me and said, “Don’t worry Ricky, God has a plan, and I trust in this plan and I know things will be all right.” 

The other time was when my Dad died, she hugged me (you know the kind of hugs she gave – that stopped the world and made everything feel better) and again she said, “Don’t worry Ricky, God has a plan, and I trust in this plan and we are going to be all right.”


Not that we will know until our next life but I have given this considerable thought over the last couple of days- what was God’s Plan for Aggie.  And I came up with the following four words:


Love --- Family --- Pride --- Home


Aggie had two loves in her life and she loved them both equally.  These loves were for God and for her family.

She had nine beautiful children, but if you didn’t listen closely you would have only thought she had one child – and the child’s name is “My”.

My Debbie

My Richard

My Patty

My Bobby

My Jayne

My Ronny

My Joanne

My Joey

My Johnny

She always would mention her kids, grandkids and great grandkids in this fashion.  Her pride would come through each and every time she mentioned one of you.  She is simply one of the most proud and yet humble persons that you would ever know.

She did this with everyone, My Brother Johnny, My Sister Helen, My Brother Joey My Sister Cookie – she was so proud to be a sibling.  She was proud to be a Mihalov.  She was always the 1st to respond to come to a family function – she just loved coming to the party’s, weddings, showers and being with family. 



Aggie’s family was also quite extended and as Ronny states she was a “surrogate Mom and Grandma” to many of us.

Over the last several years she was a crossing guard by El Taco Real restaurant. 

1.  Last year I saw her leaving her house in January and it was really cold and she was carrying all of these hats, scarves and gloves.  The conversation went like this, Aunty Aggie, “My Ricky Joe”.  I said, are you running away and she told me that “My kids” need me – and this is just a little something I was able to pick up for them.  I have to get to my corner some are getting out early today.  How’s your Ma?

2.  Caryn and I have been known to dine there on occasion (every week is occasionally, isn’t it?).  During one of our visits, one of the waitresses comes up to me and says she wants to ask me a personal question – she mentions that she met the crossing guard…a lady with brown hair, who asked if she knew “My Ricky”.  The waitress told me she was a bit confused as she thought the lady with the light colored hair was my mom.  Before answering I asked if the lady with the light colored hair had done or said something – of course I said that I had two moms.


3.  Just a couple of weeks ago we were there again and the same waitress asked if My Aunt was ok because she has not been on the corner this year and all of the kids missed her and were asking for her.   They wanted to keep teaching her Spanish and they wanted to keep learning Slovak – only Aggie.



Aggie’s home was truly a home to all of us.  Living across the street was always such a joy because we knew she was always there and would take care of us if we got hurt, sick or just needed a hug.  This was not just reserved for us but she also extended this warmth and openness to all of her kids, their spouses, friends, grandkids, and great grand kids over the years.  Simply said, you always had a place to sleep and eat – no worries, no questions asked.   


During my travels I call home and I always ask my Mom if everything is OK.  Well last year Cy was hurt and in Canada ---- my mom was all alone and I was worried about her – and My Mom says don’t worry – I have Aunty Aggie and you know she always takes care of me.  This so typifies Aggie – such a strong, yet loving and caring person who never complained or was bitter…even when she had to bury her beloved Richard and her husband.  Her Faith, Love of Family and providing a home to her “family” always needed her and kept her going.


I know the last couple of months have been very trying and tiresome… but you know Aggie remained as strong and loving as always.  Always thinking of others, just last week as she was in dire health at the hospital…she tells Bobby to make sure if she cannot make Adam’s Birthday to give him the gift she had gotten for him (a Star Wars Electronic Bank he so wanted).  Typical Aggie. 


The examples are never ending and over the next days, weeks, months and years we will continue to talk and share these wonderful stories of Our Aggie.


Last night Joey said it the best…None of us ever thought this day would come… Because Aggie certainly gave life all she had to offer --- she loved living and everyone around her.   She was as comfortable talking with politicians and celebrities as she was the less fortunate and homeless.  She would always say, “We’re all God’s people.”  Her love of Family and Life and her smile were contagious …


Do not remember these last months but reflect on Aggie’s entire 75 beautiful years of LOVE and FAMILY.  Yesterday, Aggie would have been so proud and right in the middle in my mom’s backyard looking at old photo albums and going over old times.  Can you see her smile, and hear her laugh….so contagious.


She would give a special message to Bobby…take care of My Cookie and to My Mom she would say…Take care of My Bobby.  Sorry Bobby that’s what happens when you live across the street from family…


Aggie was just so proud to be your Mom, Your Gramma, your sister, and your Aunt .   


Aggie would not want this to be an end but a new beginning, a carrying on of her legacy, for us to stay strong and stay together as a FAMILY and LOVE GOD and enjoy LIFE and all it has to offer.  You know if she were here today she would say to us all: “Don’t worry, God has a plan, and trust in this plan and things will be all right.” 


In closing, try to imagine the conversation on September 26th at 9:41 am, between God and Aunty Aggie at the gates of heaven … of course Richard, Uncle Joe, Aunty Ann and Grandpa and Gramma Mihalov right there too.


God says,

“My Aggie” your life has not always been easy, yet you never complained or were bitter, in fact during these trying times you were better and stronger.


9 beautiful children…

16 grandchildren…

7 great grandchildren…

Loving Daughter, Loving Sister, Loving Aunt, Loving Wife

Now that’s certainly a legacy of love to be proud of…

Welcome Home, “My Aggie”.


Aggie looks at God, smiles and so proudly and humbly says,

My Lord and Savior…”Thank you Very Much”…It’s good to be Home.


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